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Yanzhou Coal’s Public Platform on WeChat was Launched

On March 13th, Yanzhou Coal Mining Company’s (Yanzhou Coal) public platform on WeChat was launched. Mr. Li Xiyong, Chairman of the Board and Secretary of the Party Committee of Yankuang Group, pushed the first issuance of information for the platform in person.

Yanzhou Coal Mining Company (Yanzhou Coal) Public Platform on WeChat is a platform by virtue of new media to release authoritative news, industry trends, market information and other information timely in voice, text, image, video and other ways. It has feature sections and sets functions like online registration and voting, which help to build a powerful interactive platform with the receivers.

It is understood that on the launch day of Yanzhou Coal WeChat Platform, the number of its followers exceeded 1300, A Letter to All Employees issued by the chairman Mr. Li Xiyong totaled more than 4000 hits.

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