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Ashton Coal Mine

Ashton Coal Mine consists of an underground mine and a provisional open-pit mine located in Hunter Valley, New SouthWales, Australia and is accessible by railway to Newcastle Port. Ashton Coal Mine covers an area of approximately 17 squarekilometers. The construction of the open-pit and underground mines of Ashton Coal Mine started in 2003 and commercial productioncommenced in 2004.

The designed annual capacity of Ashton Coal Mine is approximately 5.2 million tonnes of coal. Ashton Coal Mine mainlyproduces semi-soft coking coal.The thickness of the main coal seams of the open-pit mine and the underground mine of Ashton Coal Mine ranges from 2.1 to2.3 meters and 1.7 to 2.4 meters, respectively. As of December 31, 2013, the mine’s JORC-compliant reserves were approximately56.1 million tonnes. As of the same date, the mine’s marketable coal reserves were approximately 27.0 million tonnes, according toour internal estimates. The Company principally useslongwall operations to extract coal from the underground coal seam of Ashton Coal Mine.

The main pieces of equipment used in the coal preparation plant of Ashton Coal Mine are heavy-medium cyclone machines andfloating separation machines, which were generally manufactured in Australia. The operations at Ashton Coal Mine are powered byelectricity from local power grids. We transport coal products from Ashton Coal Mine to Newcastle Port via railway.

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