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Wenyu Coal Mine

Through our subsidiary, Inner Mongolia Xintai Coal Mining Co., Ltd, the Company operatesWenyu Coal Mine, which is located in Ordos City in Inner MongoliaAutonomous Region, and covers an area of approximately 9.36 square kilometers.The type of coal is thermal coal.The original designed annual raw coal production capacity of Wenyu Coal Mine was 1.1 million tonnes. The Company increased the capacity to 3.0 million tonnes upon approvals from the relevant administrative authority and commenced commercialproduction in 2012.

Wenyu Coal Mine principallyextracted coal from two work faces as of December 31, 2013. Wenyu Coal Mine has a simplified coal separation system.Wenyu Coal Mine is located in close proximity to Baofu road, Anyuan Coal Mine and railway transportation, and the two coal mines can form regional synergy effect.

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