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Anyuan Coal Mine

Anyuan Coal Mine is an underground mine located inEjinHoro Banner, Ordos, Inner MongoliaAutonomous Region, with an area of 9.3 square kilometres.In 2011, the Company increased the annual production capacity of Anyuan Coal Mine from the designed annual production capacity of 600,000tonnes to 1.2 million tonnes through reconstruction and expansion. Anyuan Coal Mine primarily produces thermal coal. The average thickness ofthe main coal seam of Anyuan Coal Mine is 2.8 meters.

Anyuan Coal Mine principally extracted coal from one work face at Anyuan Coal Mine as ofDecember 31, 2013. Anyuan Coal Mine has a coal separation system. Anyuan Coal Mine is located in close proximity to railway and roadtransportation. The provincial highway and Baoshen railway are located approximately six kilometers to the west of the coalfield and a west to east road for coal transportation passes through the middle part of the minefield.

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