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Yangcun Coal Mine

Yangcun Coal Mine is located in the north portion of Yanzhou coalfield, and covers an area of approximately 27.46 square kilometers.Yangcun Coal Mine was constructed in 1981 and commenced operations in 1988 with a designed annual raw coal production capacity of 0.6 million tonnes.The annual raw coal production capacity has been increased to 1.15 million tonnes since 2006. The main coal seam of Yangcun isdivided into three leaves. The thickness of the upper leaf averages 8.34 meters and the thickness of the lower leaves average 1.17 and1.02 meters.

Yangcun Coal Mine primarily uses the longwall top coal caving method to extract coal from the upper leaf and the fullymechanized system to extract coal from the lower leaves. As of December 31, 2013, Yangcun Coal Mine has three work faces. Yangcun Coal Mine does not have any coal preparation plant.

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