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Remuneration Committee

The remuneration committee of the seventh session of the Board of Yanzhou Coal Mining Company Limited was established and Mr. Qi Anbang, Mr. Poon Chiu Kwok and Mr.?Guo Jun?were appointed as members of the remuneration committee. Mr.?Qi Anbang?was appointed as the chairman of the remuneration committee.


The remuneration committee is responsible to the Board of the Company. The human resources department of the Company is the working department of the remuneration committee.

According to the domestic and overseas supervisory regulations, the remuneration committee’s main responsibilities include:

(1)?formulating remuneration policies for the directors, supervisors and senior management, and recommending to the Board remuneration plans;

(2)supervising and making appraisal to the implementation of the remuneration system by directors, supervisors and senior management;

(3)?formulating special remuneration plans (including nonfinancial interests, retirement pension rights and compensation amount, etc) for the directors, supervisors and senior management, and making proposals to the Board;

(4) Performing other responsibilities authorized by Board of the Company.

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