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Company Announcement
        Yanzhou Coal Mining Company Limited has introduced developing concept of modern company and realized transformation from an enterprise of production operation into one putting equal efforts in production operation and capital operation. Capital operation has promoted the Company’s standard performance, expedited developing pace, forged enterprise name brand, enhanced the Company’s developing strength, management capability and resource integration ability. As a result, the Company has gained praises by capital market at home and abroad, and its shares have become blue chip stocks accepted primarily by market for its strong core competitiveness, steady improvement of company achievements, and sustainable development.

         — In January 2001, placing 100,000,000 new A shares;
        — In May 2001, placing 170,000,000 new H shares;
        — In July 2004, placing 204,000,000 new H shares again.

        — In 2001, the Company purchased Jining III coal mine.The coal mine was put into commercial operation in December 28, 2000.

        — In 2002, the Company purchased the railway asset specialized for coal transportation (the “railway asset”) from the Parent Company.

        — In 2004, the Company acquired Southland coal mine in Australia (renamed as “Austar Coal Mine”), which is the first successful acquisition of overseas coal mine. by Chinese coal enterprise. Austar Coal Mine was put into operation in October 2006

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